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Personalized access and expertise for your SKIN

The Skin Consult, Inc Platform Founder and CEO, Dr. Sajani Barot brings over 13 years of experience in the healthcare space.

She has helped transform over 75 personal clients with virtual consultations, over 10,00 online visitors with their AI enabled skin quiz. 

As a busy mom herself , she understands the needs of parents and professionals like you to get your selfcare without all the hassle. A virtual consultation from the comfort of your home or office is exactly what you need to address your skin goals and age gracefully , without the trial and error of using ineffective products. 


Hear from others how Dr. Barot has helped transform their skin



Hormonal Acne in mom struggling with frequent breakouts, lack of quick access to a dermatologist, unwanted side effects from prescription topicals.


Client was given a custom regimen that evolved over 6 months to control breakouts and address post inflammatory hyperpigmentation from the acne while minimizing itchy and dry skin from prescription topicals.


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A busy professional and mom of 2, client was looking to imrover her skin texture, brighten tone and build a effective anti-aging skincare regimen. She was tired of spending lots of money on fancy skincare that just didnt do what they promised. 

Client was built a 4 step AM and 5 step PM regimen curated for her lifestyle and budget. She was able to use this consistently and within 1 month saw a big difference in her skin brightness and texture. As she continued over the months, her skin looked more youthful and less tired. She felt confident in using the right skincare regimen, finally!



Hormonal Acne in mom with no success from prescription antibiotics and creams. It was causing her undesirable side effects and wanted to find alternative ways to manage her acne. 

Client was given custom regimen to control oil production, increase collagen for anti-aging benefits and brighten skin while healing the breakouts. Over 12 weeks, she was on her way to clear skin with the prescribed skincare regimen. 


Are you ready to be empowered in your own skin?

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What's included



History and Lifestyle

We will go over your background, lifestyle and how your skin works with the help of the skin quiz data



We will build a custom regimen for every client based on active ingredients that are safe and effective for your unique skin and goals. 


Check Ins 

You can check in with Dr. Barot anytime through chat for questions on new products, how to manage side effects and anything else related to your skin. 

"So happy to have found the Skin Consult! I've been an amateur mixing and matching products for years hoping for better skin - not anymore. Dr. Barot at the Skin Consult helped design a routine just for me based on my concerns and my skin has never looked better. I'm almost to the point where I don't have to wear foundation anymore! That's never happened before in my life. So thrilled and will be a repeat customer as my skincare needs change over time."

Hannah Lewis, 32

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